Thursday, July 20, 2017

Breathe Better with Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System

By: Kevin Cleary

Breathing may be the most natural thing, yet it does not come easy to everyone. Many people suffer from breathing issues that require respiratory therapy, both in a clinical setting and at home. We humans need to take in oxygen in order to survive and many disorders like asthma and COPD make it very difficult to fill our lungs with air. In order to treat any long-term issue, your doctor may prescribe the use of a nebulizer in order to keep your airways clear and keep you breathing freely. The Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System includes everything necessary to make any respiratory therapy simple and easy to use.

How Do Nebulizers Work?

              If your doctor has prescribed medication to treat your asthma or COPD, there is a good chance it is in a liquid form and needs to be inhaled. How do we achieve this? A nebulizer uses a compressor to create pressurized air to transform your liquid medication into an inhalable mist. This allows the medication to easily be inhaled into your lungs through a mouthpiece or even a mask. By transforming any liquid medicine into a fine mist, the medication is easily and effectively inhaled to open up any constricted airway in the lungs. The compressor is connected to the plastic cup filled with liquid medicine by a clear tube and passes oxygen and air through the medication at a high velocity to create a mist of fine particles that get inhaled into the lungs to treat respiratory disorders such as COPD, asthma, and even cystic fibrosis.
Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System

The effectiveness of medication depends largely on the size of the particle or droplet of medication. The general school of thought is that the smaller the particle, the greater the chance of peripheral penetration and retention. In 1966 the Task Group on Lung Dynamics discovered that particles smaller than 5 µm in diameter are appropriate for pharmaceutical aerosols since they deposit more frequently in the lower lungs, but particles below 0.5 µm have a chance of being exhaled, thereby avoiding deposition in the lungs. The chart below shows how the Pari Trek delivers more medication to the lungs versus other methods.

Drug delivery comparision graph for nebulizers

The Pari Trek puts out a median diameter particle of 3.8 µm for maximum absorption in the lungs and an average treatment time of 5-6 minutes. By minimizing treatment times, patient compliance increases (especially with small children). Try getting children to sit still for 5-6 minutes, let alone for respiratory therapy!! With the available lithium-ion rechargeable battery, battery life is 50 minutes so the unit can be taken on the road without the fear of a dead battery for several treatments.

The Beauty of the Timestrip

The nebulizer cup that holds the medication is durable, but still needs to be replaced approximately every six months. In order to facilitate this, the Pari Trek S uses an ingenious bit of technology called a timestrip. This creates a visual reminder when to replace your nebulizer cup. To activate simply press the button on the strip to activate and a red line in the center circle indicates activation. This strip should be attached to the nebulizer compressor and not the cup that holds the medication. After approximately six months, the word now will appear in the oval replace nebulizer cup window. Easy peasy!! This makes it easy to remember when you need to replace your plastic nebulizer medicine cup without having to record the date that you started using it. See the below diagram that shows how the three stages of the timestrip are displayed. Keeping your equipment maintained properly not only keeps them in proper working order, but makes your respiratory therapy more efficient
Pari Trek Nebulizer Time Strip

How To Assemble and Use Pari Trek Compressor Nebulizer

Understanding how the Pari Trek operates can help you understand how to assemble it as well as potentially troubleshoot any problem. The Pari Trek S Nebulizer System is available with or without a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. This nebulizer weighs 0.8 pounds (1.2 pounds with battery) so it’s extremely lightweight and portable while putting out a maximum pressure of 35 psi. Included in the package are 2 reusable nebulizers, portable compressor, tubing, and an instructional DVD. The kit also includes an AC adapter as well as a 12 V DC adapter to maximize portability. Simply plug into a 12 V port (cigarette lighter for us older folks) in the car and treatment can be given anywhere. This is all included in the convenient travel bag to make it easy to take your therapy with you. All the user needs to do is fill the nebulizer cup with liquid medication to the appropriate level and connect the wingtip tubing to the bottom of the cup via the air intake and then attach the other end of the tubing to the convenient portable compressor and turn on the unit to begin therapy. That’s it!! Users should regularly clean the parts of the nebulizer cup to avoid any bacteria or mold build-up that can aggravate any respiratory issues. The nebulizer cup should be replaced every six months just to be safe. The nebulizer cup is easily disassembled, cleaned, and reassembled. The diagram below shows how simple it is to disassemble the nebulizer cup and its parts. The quiet, efficient compressor nebulizer can deliver medication in approximately 5-6 minutes at a rate of 8.5 LPM, so therapy times are kept to a minimum. This can be a blessing when small children are involved, since getting our kids to sit still for five minutes can be a challenge (let alone for therapy time).
Pari Trek S Compressor nebulizer Assembly

Respiratory therapy can be essential and even life-saving to those affected by breathing disorders such as asthma or COPD. Take control of your ability to breathe by having your respiratory therapy tools with you at all times no matter where you are and be compliant to your therapy schedule. The Pari Trek S Portable Compressor Nebulizer Aerosol System solves the dilemma of not being able to have your therapy available when needed. Making any therapy simpler and easier will do the same for your breathing!!

Thursday, July 6, 2017

An Adult Diaper Disposal You can Trust - Janibell Akord

By: Kevin Cleary

Incontinence can be a frustrating disorder that can diminish your quality of life as well as lead to embarrassing situations, so keeping it private can be of paramount importance. Keeping the unpleasant and embarrassing odors that go along with soiled incontinence products away from yourself and visitors to your home is crucial to keeping any incontinence problem confidential. Yes, incontinence products and adult briefs have improved greatly over the years, but there still comes the need to dispose of anything that is soiled. Unfortunately, these soiled items sometimes give off an unpleasant odor. In order to minimize this unwanted scent, the Janibell Akord disposal system is perfect for those suffering from incontinence (both urinary and fecal) and caregivers alike.

Worry Free Disposal

Disposal of soiled incontinence products such as adult briefs, bed pads, wipes, and even latex gloves can present the unique problem of sometimes giving off unwanted odors. Smaller diapers (like those used for babies) are easily disposed of in systems that are designed for soiled diapers that size, but what about larger adult sizes? The Janibell Akord DisposalSystem is specifically designed with the larger size of adult incontinence products in mind, so it’s time to say goodbye to embarrassing odors. While the system is specifically designed for adults, it can also be used to dispose of baby or toddler diapers. See the chart below to see how it can be used in a multitude of situations. It has an advanced double sealed system that locks in odor and keeps the surrounding area smelling clean. The lid is easily activated by stepping on the pedal, so the user’s hands are free to dispose of any large soiled item easily through the trapdoor and is not exposed to items already in the disposal system. It comes preloaded with a liner installed, so it’s ready to go right out of the box. If the extra odor prevention is no longer required, this initial barrier can be removed and the system can be used as a simple and decorative waste can. The liner is simple to use, as well as to dispose of.
         Per Load                             Per Liner
Infant Diapers (NB)         up to 120                            up to 3600
Toddler Diapers (#3)         up to 70                              up to 2100
Adult Briefs (L)                   up to 35                              up to 1050

Installing Liner in Cartridge

Installing Liner in Janibell Akord Adult Diaper Disposal System
Getting started with your Janibell Akord Adult Incontinence Disposal System is really simple. Out of the box there is a liner already installed, but when it is time to replace it all the user needs to do is remove the empty liner cartridge and place a new Janibell refill liner over the empty cartridge and remove the cardboard band. Next the user will extend the new liner from the outside approximately 18 inches up and then tuck down through the opening. At this point the user will install the cartridge with a new liner in the top of the disposal system and open the front access door. Simply grab the bottom of the plastic liner and tie a knot as shown in the diagram to the left. You are already to go!! Your system can hold approximately 24 items per load and 288 per liner on average depending on each item size. This continuous liner system (as opposed to separate bags) eliminates waste and allows any user to empty the system whenever they need. Not only does it eliminate odor but it does it in an economical manner!!

Emptying the Incontinence Disposal System

Emptying the Janibell Akord diaper bin
Not only is the Janibell Akord system easy to get started, but also emptying (whether full or not) is a simple endeavor. The user or caregiver only needs to open the front access door and pull the liner down to the point where they wish to empty. In the service door is a cutter mounted on the inside of the door. Simply cut the liner at the point desired and remove from system. Tie a knot in the remaining liner and you are back in business. This allows for the economical emptying of the disposal system whether the bag is full or not. It is entirely up to the user when they want to dispose of any soiled briefs or other products. This system also keeps the user’s hands away from any soiled materials inside the disposal system liner. Once the continuous liner has been all used, it is extremely easy to replace with a fresh liner. Follow these simple steps to replace your Janibell Akord liner:
  1. Open front door and pull out empty cartridge
  2. Place new refill liner over cartridge
  3. Find paper band and remove, then pull outer layer of refill up 18 inches
  4. Push refill through center of cartridge
  5. Insert newly loaded cartridge back into top of can
  6. Pull liner from bottom downward and tie knot
Janibell Refill Installation guide

Janibell Akord Liner refills
 Janibell Akord 2 Pack Liner Refills
are available in a two pack for peace of mind and are made from 20% recycled material.  The beauty of the system is that the user or their caregiver never has to touch the soiled items in the liner while disposing of an item or emptying the system. The nonporous, durable ABS surface can be cleaned with simple bleach without the fear of damaging or discoloring the attractive white 
finish. Odor free management of your soiled incontinence problems has never been simpler. The elegant design matches any home decor and its large capacity minimizes any potential emptying that may be necessary. The refills are tough and durable to resist tearing and are powder fresh to help minimize odor.

Dealing with the issue of incontinence does not need to be embarrassing or even difficult. The Janibell Akord Adult Incontinence Disposal System takes the difficulty out of the equation and returns your quality of life due to its ability to remove embarrassing odors from your home. It is convenient and sanitary for incontinence sufferers as well as caregivers.