Friday, December 22, 2017

Properly Use the Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair

By Kevin Cleary

Use the Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair properly to safely and securely shower daily and maintain proper hygiene for those with limited mobility.

A daily shower is something that many people take for granted, but for those with limited mobility being able to safely shower daily can be a treat. Nothing will make you feel better than a nice warm shower to start the day. The question is how do we help those with limited mobility enjoy an invigorating daily shower? The Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair answers that question and provides a sense of daily normalcy to those with mobility issues.

Benefits of a Rehab Shower/Commode Chair

Besides the soothing, relaxing effects of a warm shower, there are medical benefits to being able to shower daily. Our body’s largest organ is our epidermis (skin) and a lot of its functions are dependent upon our skin to be clean and pliable. Especially during the cold months of winter our skin can get dry and itchy to say the least. The problem arises when our skin gets dry and is susceptible to breakdowns such as sores or pressure ulcers. These can lead to more serious issues like infection which can be difficult to deal with down the road. In addition to the ability to shower, this rehab shower chair also has the ability to be used as a commode chair. Our body needs to expel waste and regular toileting can be made easier with this rehab shower chair. Also, our skin does not like to be in contact with urine or fecal matter and a shower daily helps minimize this danger. This 2-in-1 feature not only is extremely convenient, but it is economical at the same time. This shower/commode chair can easily be manipulated by those who have the upper body dexterity to maneuver their own wheelchair due to the 23 inch wheels or can be used easily by a caretaker or family member by opting for the 5 inch caster wheel.

Ease of Use

Any piece of medical equipment is only as good as the user’s ability to easily operate it. One of the options the Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair offers is a choice between 23 inch treaded urethane tires or 5 inch caster wheels. During a side transfer, the armrest can be raised and the user can transfer easily from the side over the 23 inch urethane wheel. Those who may have a more difficult time transferring may opt for the 5 inch caster wheel, therefore facilitating a simpler, easier transfer. This is due to the fact that the top of the 23 inch wheel sits just above the seat level and the 5 inch caster eliminates this obstacle. The Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair is simple to use and is portable as well. The problem of transporting this chair while traveling has been solved due to its ability to fold. To unfold the chair, simply push down on the cross braces until fully unfolded. Attach the pail holder to the frame by inserting the four hooks into the holes on the frame and place seat onto frame and lock into position by pushing down. Ready to go!! To fold, basically reverse the process. Simply start by raising the armrests and removing the seat by firmly pulling up, remove pail and holder, and fold chair by pulling up on cross braces. In order to empty pail, simply remove from holder and empty into toilet. The user can even mount the seat sideways for easier access for personal hygiene.                                                        


In order for this shower to be effective it needs to fit the user properly. The Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair is available in two seat sizes: 16 inch and 18 inch seats. These two sizes can accommodate the majority of shower/commode chair users. There are subtle differences between the two sizes. For instance, the 16 inch seat chair weighs 39 pounds whereas the 18 inch seat chair weighs 41 pounds. The seat to floor height in the 16 inch option is 22.5 inches and be 18 inch version is 22.75 Inches. These are small differences but they may make all the difference for you. Both versions can handle a weight capacity of 300 pounds and have an over the toilet clearance height of 20.25 Inches. You can work with a physical/occupational therapist to determine which option is better for you. Compare the below measurements between the 16“and be 18“options:

Options 16 Inch     18 Inch
Overall Chair Width 24.5 inches 26.5 inches
Overall Back Width 16 inches    18 inches
Overall Chair Height 39 inches  39 inches
Seat Width/Depth 16/16 inches 18.25/18.25 inches
Depth over Toilet 26.5 inches    26.5 inches

The Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair not only makes the reality of enjoying a shower a realistic possibility, but it adds the simplicity of adding a commode chair to the equation. This not only make this mobility aid economical, but it eliminates the need for a transfer from a commode chair to a shower chair. The two sizes options make this piece of equipment adaptable to just about anyone who may need it. Make your life easier with the Invacare Mariner Rehab Shower Chair!!

Thursday, December 7, 2017

How the Armedica AM-SX 1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table Benefits You

By Kevin Cleary

The Armedica AM-SX 1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table makes patient care and transfers simpler and safer for the caregiver or clinician, as well as the patient. Understanding how it works will make transfers easier. 

Patient transfers from mobility aids such as a wheelchair hide potential dangers to patient and clinician alike. Transfers can put a strain on the lower back and potentially lead to dangerous patient falls. Being able to work with the patient at, not only a comfortable, but safe height can ease the fatigue on your back and shoulders, therefore minimizing any risk of injury. How do we achieve this elevation in a safe manner? The use of an adjustable Hi-Lo changing table such as the Armedica AM-SX 1060 is an easy to use and safe way to achieve this.

Safety and Ease-Of-Use

Transferring patients for treatment can often be difficult depending upon the patient’s mobility or stability. While some patients may still maintain a level of mobility, some may be totally dependent upon others for transfer between a wheelchair and therapy table. Some of these transfers may only need a transfer or gait belt, but some may require the use of a transfer/sliding board. No matter the method, being able to maintain a transfer height equal to the level of the patient’s seat increases the level of safety for both the patient and the therapist. The Armedica AM-SX 1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table can move smoothly vertically with no horizontal movement. This table uses a foot pedal to easily adjust from 18-37 inches of vertical height adjustment. This allows for an ideal interaction between the patient and their caregiver. Movement or transportation of the table is made easier because of 4 locking caster wheels, so alignment for transfer is simple and safe. This table is not made for transportation of the patient. This Hi-Lo Treatment Table is incredibly sturdy with its X frame design made from 11gauge steel tubing capable of accommodating up to 500 pounds. Mobile and sturdy is what this table is all about!! Once transferred, the pediatric or adult patient is safe and secure due to be pivot down side rails and can accommodate a variety of therapies.

Simple Operation

Being able to raise or lower the Armedica AM-SX 1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table with your foot allows the caregiver to have both hands free. To start operation plug the power cord into a wall outlet and be sure there are new obstructions near or around the table. Once table has been moved into a proper position, the locking casters should be secured then raise or lower the table to the appropriate height for transfer using the foot pedal. To accommodate transfer, drop the safety rail simply by pulling sharply on the release handle and once transfer is completed raise and lock the safety rail in place securing patient on the table. Once the patient is secure, raise the level of the changing table to an optimum height for the caregiver. This alleviates any back strain and minimizes risk of injury. During any therapy session both safety rails should always be in the upright and locked position in order to avoid potential patient falls. Once a therapy session has been completed, the caregiver should lower the Hi-Lo Changing Table to the appropriate level to safely transfer the patient from the table to a wheelchair or other mode of conveyance.

                     Maintaining your Armedica AM-SX 1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table is not only simple and easy, but will extend its service life. This changing table is upholstered with a 1.5 inch firm density foam padding that is protected with a vinyl coating which creates a barrier against germs, abrasions, and stains. This allows for simple cleaning and lowers the risk of cross-contamination from patient to patient and maintains antimicrobial, sanitary conditions. This defends against the growth of fungus, mold, and mildew spores while being resistant to microbial deterioration which could cause the changing table to split/crack and lose flexibility. To avoid this, clean the vinyl with a soft cloth and a mixture of soap and water. Most general purpose cleaners/disinfectants can be used on the vinyl surface. Harsh brushes or abrasives should be avoided as well as cleaning agents that contain acid or chloride and undiluted bleach products. The Armedica AM-SX 1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table should be rinsed with clear water and dried with a soft cloth. The table should be cleaned after every use and the underside should be cleaned daily. Treat your equipment right and it will take care of you day after day.
Working in a safe and comfortable height for patient therapy is paramount for an injury free environment. Using the Armedica AM-SX 1060 Hi-Lo Changing Table accomplishes this for the caregiver and gives each patient peace of mind knowing that any transfer onto the table can be done safely and securely.